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Monday, July 22

So I will begin this weeks email with a short story....

Many many years ago in Hamburg, Germany lived a young man by the name of Helmuth Hubener

Being wise beyond his years for a 16 year old. Helmuth was also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.. Helmuth had a very broad outlook on life and talent for overseeing certain current circumstances one faced during the reign of Hitler in Germany.

Helmuth grew concerned with the power of the rising political party and was disgraced at how they treated foreigners ESP. Jews. Helmuth knew God viewed all his children equally and that such a political group would poison and destroy many lives.

He acquired a small radio ( very illegal during this time to own in Germany ) and every night when his grandmother went to sleep would listen to foreign news reports from the BBC for updates on the war.

His speculations were true! He saw right through the lies that Hitler was telling the citizens in Germany

For example: 

German broadcasts: Germany proves successful with the bombing of British air craft carrier. No survivors for Britain

The truthful BBC report:
Ship still afloat, noone injured.

Becoming more concerned as time went on and as the political group grew stronger. He became determined to expose Hitler for the liar he truly was.

Although only 16 years of age Helmuth began to print VERY bold messages degrading the political party in hopes to help his fellow Germans learn the truth..

Helmuth later let two of his best friends in on his plans as hope for reinforcement .. One young man being Rudi Wobbe.. Only 15 years old at the time.

Together these 3 young men printed red leaflets and painted the city of Hamburg red late at night hanging the bulletins along all the streets

 A crime that at that the time was viewed to be the most SERIOUS of sins for a German to commit.

A popular known saying was " he who fights for his country may die, but he who betrays his country must die"

Noone dared even whisper anything but pleasing thoughts about Hitler.

One day while at his Sunday church services Rudi Wobbe noticed his friend Helmuth..did not show up..

Their nightmare had happened.. Helmuth had been caught by the police and arrested.
Weeks later.. Rudi too was caught and arrested.

The story goes on that all 3 young men faced weeks of interrogation, beatings, and imprisonment in hopes to get them to admit their crimes.

Not allowed to communicate one with another or to recover in-between beatings.. They endured the harsh punishments and were later all brought before the dreaded " blood court" in Berlin.

The Blood Court in Berlin was where only the most serious of criminals were taken..

Here stood 3 young LDS young men to fight for their freedom as well as their lives.
The first called to the stand was Helmuth Hubener. Witness reports on the trial explained Helmuths performance to be "unforgettable". 

Just a young boy he stood confident, and held his own openly and confidently degrading Hitler before his own judges.

Helmuth denied the help of his two friends, stating they were innocent and had nothing to do with what had happened.

Later that night after the trial, Rudi was able to speak one more time with his friend Helmuth. He asked him WHY he would do that!?

Why would he take all of the blame when all 3 were obviously guilty.

Helmuth answered:

 " I have faith enough to know that whatever happens to me.. God knows what I did was right.. and I need not fear"
A report the next day was delivered to Rudi Wobbe's Prison cell stating
Helmuth Hubener


Total time of execution: 11 seconds

Helmuths last words were found in a note he wrote home just minutes before killed.. Stating that he regretted NOTHING...only that before he is to be killed, that he will be forced to break the word of wisdom

( before execution, the victims are given wine to relax them )

The story of these 3 young men is a famous tale in Germany for War heroes. Hitler feared and was so threatened by the intelligence and testimony in these 3 LDS teens, one faced the most cruel punishment executed during the war.

There are to this day many books, monuments and people thankful to these 3 young men.
Including a film now available at Deseret book.. " Three against Hitler"

Rudi Wobbe lived on by the grace of God and spent the remainder of the War in concentration camps and imprisonment. Rudi later was later freed by British soldiers and returned home to Hamburg.

Just months later, he was called to serve and labor in the KASSEL, Germany Mission..

Serving in Kassel, Rudi Wobbe met and baptized my grandpa Wilford Diederich.
Helmuth Hubener had such a testimony of Gods plan for us he will willing to save his best friends life..

Although Helmuth Hubener never personally got to serve a mission, 

Because of his FAITH and TESTIMONY... His best friend lived on and brought my dad's family to the gospel.

If only Helmuth knew...

Now, in 2013

The granddaughter of Wilford Diederich would be called to serve and labor in

KASSEL GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Präsident Kosak called late Thursday night to personally tell me the news. I was absolutely shocked and I was speechless!!!
I bawled my eyes out

President knew my grandpas families conversion story and wanted to help make a full circle in this story and for me finish my mission where it all began.. Love that man with all my heart


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I am so happy I could die.. It is so bittersweet.. I feel I JUST got to Bremen to open that program and train, then transferred to Hannover to be a sister training leader and now I'm off again!

I was told that I accomplished what I was called to do to help these two last cities.

The Bremen sister program is running great with baptisms lined up and planned, and Hannover i was able to help all the sisters I was assigned to lead as well as meet and baptize Brother Dirk and strengthen the ward here. Sister Fugal is one of my favorite people I've served with and I'll miss her sooo much

But my mission is not over yet.

God needs me in KASSEL!!

If only Helmuth knew. He just like any member may not get a chance to serve... Or like any missionary.. He may not of baptized.. but Helmuth will never know until heaven what difference he made. The seed he planted and the testimony he shared.. saved lives and to him am I eternally grateful..

Some missionaries may baptize and reap the efforts but most missionaries plant seeds!!


I report to Berlin on Thursday to pick up my brand new missionary and together we will arrive in Kassel and open up a brand new program. Sisters have yet to set foot there!!

I'm training AGAIN bahhhhhhh!!

Together we tear up Kassel and  serve my remaining 12 weeks together

Just a glimpse:
This week was hecctiiiccc we had a mission Zone Trainers conference in Hamburg. We once again had to rise at the crack of dawn.

I feel like I'm actually in Alaska.
In complete seriousness it remains light here till 1 am and is bright again by 4 am.

Sister Fugal and i have been getting clever at ways to help us stay asleep
- drugs ( sleeping pills..relax grandma)
-  a electric fan
- blindfolds
- playing soothing music
- moving furniture from the sun
- switching ends of the bunk beds ( made so much more room for activites )

Last, All is made super conveniently worse by our curtains.....that we don't have.

Dirk was blessed and received the Priesthood yesterday in church.. I cried. I have yet to tell him I'm leaving :( poor little elf.

Tears. Lots of tears this week. Bah

The church is so true.
There is not a doubt in my soul

I was almost as happy this week as I was that one time I pulled up to David Archuleta at a stoplight in South Jordan before we both left on our missions.

Oh. My. Gosh
Not one person I love and respect more than that guy. 

Summer 2014.. Goal

Go out with David... not at a stoplight..

who can help a girl make a wish come true? 

Don't worry..
In 12 weeks Bella in Berlin may be coming to an end. But you can stay tuned and look forward to Bella in P-TOWN and her adventures trying to live amongst the Zoobs

Can be spotted possibly breaking dress code by wearing a university of Utah hoodie or in some other way...


God bless me and my series of unfortunate events to come

Line of the week:

Sister: Deeds what happened with you for transfer calls??

Me: heading back to my roots in Kassel and training again

Sister: what is that like your 3rd kid? President must really trust you with posterity... You should try the pill its easier. I did.. Worked for me. One kid is all I got

( posterity/kid: mission lingo for trainers/trainees)

Special reminder for everyone this week

" tell someone you love them today, because life is short. But shout it at them in German, because life is also terrifying and confusing"

Ich liebe dich! there i said it.. now its your turn!!!

Kassel here I come....

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