Spring Showers

Sunday, April 26

I got to shower my oldest and dearest friend this weekend. 

for those of you that know Tessa Barton
you know she is without a doubt the most talented. kind. super human. 

so no pressure throwing her a shower...


here are a few tiny details from the rainy day tessa inspired shower. 

best wishes and advice tree

we had planned to sit outside in the yard and on the patio but the weather had a much different agenda.

much... much different.

flowers done by the amazingly talented Jenny Bradley 

I had her husband to be write her a sweet note about why he loves her.
I think we all learned there are such things as soulmates after hearing this!

Her beautiful mother gave her an amazing gift full of all of her favorite things. 
It was the highlight of the night! 

High School friends!

i love this darling bride to be. nothing makes me more happy
than to see my dearest friends find their absolute perfect match.

special thank you to all those who brought a dish.
my parents running around all day helping me tie up the loose ends.
and a very special thank you to my cohost darya!

<3 <3 <3

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