Wednesday, June 24

this week on bella in berlin!

pictures and details from a recent collaboration with kortni jeans swimmers and seven peaks!

seriously.. you're gonna die because

a. because the suits are seriously the most amazing things I've ever seen
b. corn dogs were involved and pretzels and 
c. watersides

collabs. aren't something I've really agreed to because 

a. im not a fashion blogger
b. well mainly just a 

but companies and organizations I'm passionate about best believe ill agree to and post about!

annnnd.... dun dun dun

wedding photos.

i finally decided to JUST DO IT

only time ill ever use a nike slogan. swear

meanwhile go check out hales thoughts blog to read a fun
post that i helped her with!

halee is an adorable blogger/instagram account full of advice and inspiration!

she had a few questions for other young ladies
in the world today
and this is what came of it!

we talked about life. love. food.
and reason why i do what i do in this blogging world

happy to work with you halee!


please let us not let such a beautiful term die people





HAGS you lovely people HAGS


  1. Loved, loved, LOVED what you said over on Halee's blog! I just adore you! Thanks for being you!

  2. Okay, that interview on her blog? I LOVED it. Especially when you threw down about the beauty of garments. You are such a gem. :) Love reading your testimony and cute humor.

  3. I loved reading your entries when you were on the mission, but this post is ridiculous. You love modest swim wear? Sure it isn't just the endorsement? Because from quite a few recent pictures I've seen you sure do love those bikinis. Which I could care less about... But you're being a hypocrite ( which is somewhat expected of Utah Mormons). But come on now. If you wear the bikinis then wear the freaking bikinis!!! Youre just coming off as insincere and it's getting old. Think I'll take my readership elsewhere.

    1. I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. You're totally right. I do love bikinis! Had I found this amazing company sooner I probably would've worn a lot less of them. I do not blog for endorsements, infact I do not make money what do ever off these sortof posts. It's not why I blog and never will be. I simply posted out of excitement for a company that makes modest swimwear cute to me is all. Hipocrote would be claiming I'm against bikinis meanwhile wearing them. I am not perfect as I am sure you are not. I simply stumbled upon a new idea of swimwear I genuinely love, much like my old swimwear and agreed to be apart of it :)