whatever you are. be a good one.

Friday, June 26

if you are alive on 6/26/2015

chances are you saw the flooding 
of posts announcing the supreme courts decision to legalize gay marriage
in each and every state in the USA.

if you didn't see this then im so so sorry
to be the one to have to break it to you

.but you are probably dead.

i have been asked a few times over the course
of the two days what my thoughts on it all were.

amidst my likes, thumbs up and comments you would never guess
that i did not agree or support this congress decision.

and that to me.. is what matters

i personally do not support gay marriage

but that definitely does not mean i am against it.

sitting behind my computer screen

hating. protesting and mocking those 
who do 

and had i not verbalized it you would've never even known

which is my goal here. 

as a blogger, an RM and a newlywed i've shared in celebration a lot
of my own monumental triumphs and defeats
and have likewise loved celebrating and supporting others.

on a day much like today where history is being made i find myself happy for 
each and every person in favor of this new law

but find myself a little confused and disheartened.

here on bella in berlin

i post my testimony.

or in other words i blog to share my beliefs. 

those beliefs are that god lives. 

he has a restored church upon the earth today

and has called a living modern day prophet to guide and lead his religion. 


i post this. 

talk of my own marriage in the salt lake temple..

and express love for my husband
and our eternal commitment that we share together

and in results my beliefs, posts and comments are 9/10 not only disliked.

but hated upon.

you'd be surprised at the numbers of nasty emails full of hatred and 
complaint from readers and viewers i receive that do not agree with what it is i have shared.

i don't ask my readers for acceptance.

but for respect.

a respect that i strive to give in return to every religion,
belief and union i stumble across.

being a fan of short. often inappropriate humor i personally guiltily love an app
by the name of Yik Yak.

Yik Yak: an anonymous social media platform where you can
post ideas, thoughts and comments without anyone ever 
knowing your whereabouts
or name. 

more often than ANY POST IVE COME ACROSS

is the hatred for mormons.

hatred is putting it nicely.


horrible obscene threats to rid the state of them.

rid the WORLD of them.

false and head scratching " facts" about us that couldn't
be further from the truth

public "service" calls to lock your doors when 
the two men dressed in white are seen in their neighborhood

. and intermixed with such posts are .  

"let our community practice what it wants!!!"


"leave my boyfriend and our marriage out of your concern."

"God is DEAD and i believe that you stupid mormons"

not to mention nearly every SNL and late night
talk show as of late seems to love the staple humor of mocking the mormons
to get a quick and foolproof laugh from its audience

now these "yaks" tweets and posts are upvoted and approved

and the posts simply stating 

" i believe in god" 

are down voted to the point of removal.

( the sight removes posts after so many downvotes )

i sit and i read these "mormon" posts 

(giggling at most reading what we "believe")

and find my jaw dropping at others.

people demanding equality.

asking others to respect their religious views.

in the midst of begging for acceptance for their views

are posts completely bashing and mocking the other

can. you. imagine what would happen if i were to post

"gay couple roaming the neighborhood. lock your doors"

although my beliefs and religion do not support the union of same sex marriage

i cant imagine any member posting such a horrible thing. 

NO i am not naive
and I do not believe every member to be perfect

but regardless of our beliefs we strive to be CHRISTLIKE. 
accepting those things out of our comprehension or understanding.


best BELIEVE if i saw a fellow member post such
a thing id be all up in their business making sure
its called to attention and frowned upon.

and although i believe in loving one another

i firmly believe that although we are taught
to accept others 

i also believe that god is an unchanging god

that this new decision will not change
his doctrine. his church or the plan he has
for his children
 i know that he DOES love everyone

however he does NOT accept people to live and act however
they want when its contradictory to his commandments.

there is a big difference here.

many believe that just because christ
walked among all walks of life without judgement
that he approved of sins, the sinners and the lives
they lead regardless of their obedience to his laws

as members of the church of jesus christ
we know this thought could not be further from
the truth.

just as a father will always love his children 
even if he does not approve of the choices they make

in no way is that child exempt from discipline 
or correction.

. . . . .


REGARDLESS of what you believe.

we as members of the church of 
jesus christ of latter day saints

 are commanded love one another 

and because of that
i sincerely love and accept all of those around me.

some days it is tough to understand or support

but i strive for something much more

i know i am not perfect.

i know my beliefs are not for everyone

and i know that in order to be able to 
worship freely i must understand and respect
others hoping to achieve the same thing.

to treat other's how i would like to be treated.

or white.
or mormon.

no one is perfect.

especially me.

i believe in a perfect church. not in its members.

i believe that we as members should accept and 
love those around us

so why is it that i am asked to keep god out of my scholarly

forbidden to discuss my god in social setting

and that my posts are torn apart and spit upon?

it breaks my heart
watching LGBT be mocked and bullied

believe me.

i knowwwwww

there will be members however who WILL unfortunately
participate in online hatred and bullying today and in many days to come

just as i know there are members of this incredible community
that DO love and respect my beliefs.

a community asking for equality is a beautiful thing.

community for dog lovers allowing to go into all parks

community of legging wearers like myself to freely roam the world
even if I'll never actually sweat in them 

all those in favor of this new law are asking that we accept it.

but we all need to understand that
if you are to ask for acceptance.

regardless of what that may be

freedom to preach

freedom to marry

or wear my dang leggings

we must in turn respect and honor other's

may stand in the way or completely contradict
what we personally or as a religion are striving to 

i.. isabelle baker

as a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints

cannot and will not sit here and demand acceptance of my beliefs
if i am not accepting and understanding of your own.

you name it. we as a nation and a people should learn to accept it.

does acceptance mean participate in it?


"tolerate" has a horrible connotation

tolerance: to allow the existence, presence, practice, 
or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit.

in other words..  a genuine happiness for other's

i. genuinely. love. others. being. happy

you cannot ask for what you will not give in return.

i do not speak on behalf of the church but myself when i say
i am happy to see loved ones and friends rejoice in their newly
found acceptance and equality.

i've liked a large handful of posts this weekend.

my timeline is rainbow 

and that is fine. 

i will attend these weddings and absolutely kill it on the dance floor

but please.. on your way to that wedding please be sure to tap the shoulder
of someone who may be picketing outside of another's temple and invite
them to stop.

or next time you whoever you are and whatever
you believe see a tweet degrading or disgracing another be sure
to love and support the targeted audience. 

and be sure that
the real "problem" is removed from the site

or think twice before posting if you yourself are the author.

GIVE what is you hope to RECEIVE

there will be members. non members. and people from timbuktu
that will unfortunately be hating and filling these columns with negativity

but that can change.

we have come a looooong way for one community today

i only hope that one day i TOO can see the day
where my beliefs. religion and are likewise



and shared without hate.
down votes.
and negativity 

whoever you are

whatever you believe

be a good one.

no. be a kind one


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself! Thank you for taking the time to write this. :)

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself! Thank you for taking the time to write this. :)

  3. Love this post so much!! We live in such a double standard world where if you disagree with the "popular" topic than you are probably a bad person and hate everyone. It is so very interesting that so many hate LDS members when the church has come out with multiple supportive statements & a press conference basically saying we don't hate you and we believe in your rights (basically) religious freedom is just as important to me as legalized gay marriage is important to others. such an amazing post, you rock!!

  4. This is perfect. I've been struggling these last few days to really verbalize how I feel about everything going on and when I read this I realized this is exactly what I've been feeling. Love wins when you're capable of showing it to your lover and hater. YOU win.

  5. i really love this a lot. thanks for voicing what a lot of us haven't been able to