Friday, July 3

kortni jeane.

finafreakinly someone out there has decided
to mix up the swimsuit world

and to make life better there
are actual REALLY cute modest options

now i love bikinis

i love them tank tops

but hateddd those froofy moo moos
that i felt were my only option for a little bit
more coverage for swimming all these years

 i was always the awkward clam at ward
water functions in a bikini who couldn't decide
if it was more awkward wearing one or 
to be wearing......

** dun dun dun **

the other option.

i got to know kortni a little while back and fell in love
with her company and creativity!

if you know me and why i blog you know that
" endorsements" are not something i do

but this company is something that having just stumbled upon
and having agreed to help model their suits i can't stop talking about!

this local utah gal is redefining swimwear and you'll
be happy you took a look

i sure know i was!

she is always designing new things and coming out
with adorable new ideas/patterns/styles 

follow her instagram to keep in the know

tip:: make sure you practice your lightning clicking
skills because these gems go quick!

and i mean QUICK!

something i love about projects like this are the
incredible talent you get to meet and friends you make!

for this shoot we got to go into seven peaks water park


only my childhood dream come true

they said to post cute with the tubes..
and this is what i came up with soo..

oh.. did i mention men and babies have also now been blessed
by her talent??

bless you kortni.

i as was obviously a big fan of the * point * this day

i'm sure by looking at this pic you can't
even tell who the most awkward clam was that day

k. maybe it wasn't my swimwear
making me the awkward clam

it izzz what it izzz i guess after seeing this last pic.


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